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March 7th, 2023
Bologna & The Tarot (History Book) Available in the U.S.
+ New Decks such as by Acclaimed Surreal Artist Octavia Monaco and more
+ stock has been replenished for popular decks

The 4th Tarot Art & History Tour of Italy is going to be wonderful (post Covid) so hope to see you there, with our merry band of Tarot travelers
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Organized by Arnell Ando & Michael McAteer w/ Morena Poltronieri & Ernesto Fazioli of Museo dei Tarocchi.

And inspired by our Tarot Art History Tours ~
a fascinating, helpful Tarot Travel Guide of Italy, w/ web links, also available as an eBook (Pdf version updated)

Check out our Most Recent Tarot Tour Highlight Reel. Gives a nice sense of these magical tours.

Click on Icons to links of decks with images & specs

LiteraTarot - America LiteraTarot - Oceania LiteraTarot - Asia LiteraTarot - Europa I Tarocchi di Terry Tarocchi Della Luna Nuova/New Moon Tarot I Tarocchi dell’Iride - Tarot of the Rainbow Il Gioco dei Tarocchi - Gli Arcani Maggiori

Tarot of Breath - Tarocchi del Respiro Gastronomic Tarot - Tarocchi Gastronomici Italian Magic Tarot Tarocchi di Connessione Toy Tarot - Tarocco Balocco Parfait Amour Tarot Tarot of Merlin Court - Tarocchi alla corte di Merlino Tarot Evolution - TAROCCHI eVoluti

Alchemical Tarot - Tarocchi Alchemici Deck Tarocchi Massonici - Masonic Tarot InContro Tarocchi - Tarot Encounter Abracadabra - Le Streghe Giocano a Carte The Tarot Paths - Il Sentiero dei Tarocchi Breakfast Tarot - Tarocchi da colazione Lunch Tarot - Tarocchi da pranzo Tarot of Hands - in Mani Tarot

Tarot Christmas Postcards - A Mailart project In the Court of Trumps - Volume I Tarot ‘al Top’ The Tarot of Bologna Tribute To Giovanni Boldini Arcani Maggiori di Adolfina Tarocchi Dell'Archetipo Blu - Blue Archetype Tarot ENTROALPERCORSO - Intothepath Tarot Tarocchi Allegorici - Allegorical Tarot

Tarocco Animal '8 - Animal Tarot '8 Daimon Tarot Bergman Tarot Monster Tarot Tarot of Ferrara Sorolla Tarot Maria - 22 Madonnas of Montserrat Tarocchi, Gli Arcani Maggiori

Tarot of the Yellow Vortex - (22 Trumps) Emi in Wonderland Tarot Set Hypnerotomachia Poliphili Tarot GARGOYLES TAROT Typus Mundi Tarot (22 Trumps) Sogno Sublime I Tarocchi Tarocchi Nuovi Tipo Egizi Tarocchi Appropriati Cover art by Jessica Angiulli

Tarot Travel Guide of Italy Sunrise and Sunset Tarot Decks Gods & Heroes from the Depths of Greek Myths Emblemata Tarot Stultifera Navis Tarot - The Ship of Fools Tarot Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata Le Monde Primitif Tarot of Antoine Court Gébelin Tarocchi Fine Dalla Torre of Bologna

Shakespeareland Tarot Chagall Tarot Tribute French Tarot- Tarocchi Francesi-Tarot de Paris 2021 Sola Busca Book - All 78 Cards (in English) Tarocchi Green Oracles Symbolicae Quaestiones ADT - Albrecht Dürer Tarot

Green Oracles Symbolicae Quaestiones Bologna and the Tarot The Mystical Tarot, by Octavia Monaco Witches Tarot - Tarocchi Streghe EddaTarot

U.S. customers, if we run low on merch, feel free to E-mail Arnell for special orders.
Apologies to other nationals - U.S. International postage is pricey. Best to order from Museo dei Tarocchi directly.
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