Emblemata Tarot
Historic, Symbolic Work, Restored & Hand-colored by Morena Poltronieri
Published by Mutus Liber 2018
22 Major Arcana + Signed & Numbered Title Card
Leaflet: Italian & English (Edited by Arnell Ando)
Card Titles in Italian with Roman Numerals
Large Card Size: 6.25" W by 9.25" L (15.9 x 23.5 cm)
Printed on Textured, Matte Cardstock
Backs: White (Reversible)
Wooden Box with Nicely Stained, Sliding Lid
Limited to 100, Numbered Sets, Signed by Director, Morena Poltronieri
Cost: €. 140. Euro (+ Italian P&H)
*Special Order Price for U.S. Customers Shared Below

Emblemata cards Emblemata (or Emblem in English), according to Morena Poltronieri's description in the leaflet, is a kind of model representing an idea, while depicting both pictorial and written elements, meant to instruct and inspire.

Ms. Poltronieri goes on to explain... The first book of emblems appeared in 1531 as the: Emblemata, by Andrea Alciato (1492-1550), which soon cast a spell over much of Western Europe that lasted for centuries. "Emblem" in this sense, refers to a didactic combination of image and text, intended to draw the participant into a self-reflective examination of his or her own life. Extensive associations of such emblems conveying moralistic and inspirational information was characteristic of an artistic movement from the 16th century called 'Mannerism'.

This beautifully rendered, unique set of cards was inspired by the ancient Emblemata works, created between the 16th century and 19th century, although included in the set, is also a special World Card, known as: De rerum naturis, (shown here as the Title Card), which originated from the 11th century and was in fact, a great inspiration for several subsequent 'emblems' over the years.

The date and artist of the original artwork, along with a ‘motto’ or inspirational saying for each card is included in the leaflet. These are meant to be motivational messages of encouragement, echoing the sentiment of those bygone days. Such as: Emblemata Tarot Box Set

The Chariot

(card shown below)
Andrea Alciato, Emblematum Libellus, (1542)
Cupid leads the chariot drawn by lions. He is blindfolded so inspiration is not influenced by reason.

And luminous XVII Star Card:

(see image below)
Astrology, Virgil Solis (1534-1562)
The Stars guide the journey on earth, but we must remember they influence, but do not determine.

The twenty-two images have been beautifully restored and hand-colored with pastel pencils by Morena, to both reclaim and enhance the vintage feel and fascinating allure of these unique compelling works.

This is a large presentational set (6.25" W by 9.25" L in. - 15.9 x 23.5 cm.) perfect for display or quiet reflection. The cards come nestled atop a bed of straw, in a sturdy, wooden box with sliding, nicely stained lid. The enticing XXI World/Title card is secured on top and embossed with the Museo’s signature hot wax seal. The signed, numbered Title Card is found within.

Emblemata Tarot offers a unique perspective for Tarot collectors fascinated with the history of early symbolic, esoteric, European artwork, along with their deeper meanings and far reaching significance. The porous matte cardstock should be handled with care, (as one would art prints). Emblemata Tarot is limited to only 100 numbered & signed big boxed sets.

Emblemata Tarot
12 Card Examples Shown Below:
1st Row: Title Card (from XXI World Card), I Magician, III Empress
2nd Row: IV Emperor, VII Chariot, VIIII Hermit
3rd Row: XI Strength, XII Hanged Man, XIII Death
4th Row: XVII Star, XVIII Moon and XVIIII Sun

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Emblemata is Limited to Only 100 Signed & Numbered Sets
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