Gargoyles Tarot
Presenting Gargoyles from Around the World
Imbued with Ancient Powers of Protection
& Oswald Wirth's Inspired Tarot Imagery (from 1889)
Created By Morena Poltronieri
22 Major Arcana + Title Card
Leaflet Available in English - Edited by Arnell Ando
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Mutus Liber, 2015
Printed on Semi-gloss Cardstock
No Design on Back - Reversible
Card Size: 7 in long by 5.25 in wide - 12.5 x 17.5 cm
Limited Special Ed. of Only 50, Hand-Signed Sets
Presented in a Sturdy Gift Box
Price: € 140. Euro + Italian Postage
*Special Price for U.S. Customers Below

Gargoyles Set of 22 Majors Description: This unique deck shares intriguing gargoyles from all over Europe, Asia, South and North America that reflect each Trump card beautifully, while being enhanced with corresponding imagery from Oswald Wirth's Major Arcana (from 1889). The images are framed in matching designs of varying hues of green. Literature in the accompanying leaflet indicates where each gargoyle can be found (including specific locale, such cathedral name, town and country). Twelve of the twenty-two cards, (along with summarized location details of said gargoyles) are shown below. These charming Tarot cards are made large for detailed inspection (or meditation) and are printed on cardstock with a soft sheen. The backs are blank and therefore reversible.

The word 'Gargoyle' as explained in the leaflet,

originates from the French word 'gargouille', meaning ‘throat’ in English, but refers more specifically to "gullet"; [a term also related to the gurgling sound of water.] Gargoyles are said to frighten off danger and protect those that it guards from evil spirits.

Another interesting fact included in the leaflet, shares that in architecture, a gargoyle is carved or molded with a spout, usually with the intention to redirect water away from the roof and sides of a building, and thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar in between. Architects would often incorporate multiple gargoyles on buildings to divide the flow of rainwater off the roof in order to minimize the potential damage from storms.

These 22 Major Arcana, created by the director of the Tarot Museum, Morena Poltronieri, are presented with a woven flax pouch, couched protectively within a sturdy cardboard gift box. Each of these decks (limited to only fifty) is hand-signed and numbered by her. This set is recommended for Tarot collectors and history buffs drawn to realms where ancient gargoyles still dwell.

Gargoyles Tarot
by Morena Poltronieri of Museo dei Tarocchi
Card Examples Shown Below Include Locations of Original Gargoyles:

1st Row: 0 Fool - York Minster (England), II High Priestess - Ulmer Munster (Germany), III Empress - St. Vito Cathedral (Prague)
22nd Row: IV Emperor - Milan Cathedral, Italy, V Hierophant - Balliols Front Quad (Oxford, UK) VI Lovers - Nidaros Cathedral (Norway)
3rd Row: VII Chariot - Visby Cathedral (Sweden), IX Hermit - Köln Cathedral (Germany), XI Strength - Oxford Cathedral (England)
4th Row: XII Hanged Woman - Noble Palace (Ukraine), XIII Death - Châteauneuf-Sur-Loire, France, XVI Tower - Bath Abbey (England)

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