The Mystical Tarot, A Journey Into the Sacred

Artist: Octavia Monaco
Created from Her Original Paintings on Wood
Published by: International Tarot Museum of Italy, Late 2022
Leaflet: Morena Poltronieri (English Edit: Arnell Ando)
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22 Major Arcana, Shaped Like Portals, Printed on Semi-Gloss Cardstock
Card Size: 3.5" by 6 In (Approximately) 9 x 15.4 Cm
Card Backs: Like the Title & Box Cover Designs (sans text) Shown Below - Not Reversible
Very Limited Edition: Only 200 Numbered Sets, Hand-Signed by the Artist
Presentation: Comes in an Elegant Gift Box (White or Gold), Tied in Twine w/ a Dangling Charm
2 Bonus Cards: Have Additional Art with Artist's Contacts + a Classic Celtic Spread
Price: €. 85.00 Euro + P&H from Italy
For U.S. Customers - A Special Price Shared Below

2022 Mystical Tarot by Octavia Monaco

Description: This visionary Major Arcana, created by the internationally acclaimed surreal artist Octavia Monaco is dedicated to the feminine principal as a model for embracing inclusiveness and openness. The cards, shaped like doorways, or more specifically like portals to other spiritual dimensions invite us to explore. The 12 card examples shared below are a few personal favorites but this entire set of paintings, originally created on wood, have mystical depth and exquisite beauty. The intention, according to the enclosed leaflet, is to enter into a sacred space in which all patterns can exchange essential elements and be transformed. The goal is to transform our perception of these symbols, or at least approach them differently. In other words, enter into a reversal of patterns and the cyclical nature of death and rebirth endlessly in pursuit of the other. All aspects coalesce, thereby making interpenetration more comprehensive.

These 22 Majors of The Mystical Tarot represent portals to be crossed progressively. To do so, it becomes necessary to shed what we know in order to enter into the vibration of the feminine, which makes matter more adaptable and flexible to change. Each card shows a scenario in which various intuitive, dynamic familiars exist and can be understood to be inseparable aspects of the sacred path. In addition, trine representations frequently emerge in order to affirm the feminine archetype (the quintessential embodiment of the triple Goddess) that underlies all rhythms and which punctuates every living manifestation.

2022 Mystical Tarot by Octavia Monaco - Card Back The artist Octavia Monaco describes, in the leaflet a bit of what went into the creative process of manifesting this special project with International Tarot Museum director and long-time friend Morena Poltronieri:
"The project of interpreting and visually representing the full cycle of the Major Arcana preceded the meeting with Morena Poltronieri, but was strengthened by the intention to interweave her life experiences and tarotlogical, esoteric knowledge. The readings carried out over time gave way to Morena's narratives, card by card, aimed at unveiling to me subtle nuances, while staying in harmony with my artistic expressiveness, which perceives the feminine as an orientation/prospective.

The result is a pictorial cycle as manifested by how Morena's words reverberate, and without whom, in the realization of this artistic vision and symbolic project, I would not have reached the same level of awareness or spirit of interpretation."

The Mystical Tarot was created with divine intent to inspire and guide us to explore transforming, expanding perceptions of what is sacred and meaningful in the Tarot and within ourselves. A truly mystical offering and great addition to any collection or for those attracted to surreal, deeply symbolic fem-power art.

2022 Mystical Tarot by Octavia Monaco A few Card Descriptions from Enclosed Leaflet (Cards Shown Below):

2 La Grande Prêtresse (High Priestess): The Priestess as a metaphor of the archaic power of the cave which protects and nourishes the mysterious and primordial essence of life. An epiphany of the sacred feminine whose familiar is Sirius. She represents the ancient mystery from which everything begins, but also the boundary between the visible and unknown dimensions. A subversive power capable of leading everything back to its primary meaning.

4 L'Empereur (Emperor): The power of the bull is in his crucial role of inseminating, as an archetypal force of nature, making him the emissary of the sacred feminine. In his chest, an opening expands towards the heart and with it an awareness of a destiny linked to the vital rhythm of life that sacrifices him - as the son-king - each year, so that there is always a season for a renewed beginning.

10 La Roue de la Fortune (Wheel of Fortune): The eternal, inevitable cycle of existence. The finger up top belongs to the Priestess who points the way and sets the rhythm of the Wheel. Her symbolic image is reflected in the three weavers of destinies, analogous of the Moirai. In the center, appears that which is still in incubation, and yet cannot escape a fate marked by the inexorable Atrope who cyclically exacts the cut to the thread of life.

11 La Force (Strength): The journey as a metaphor through which it is possible to relate to the primal forces that dwell within our depths. From the relationship with our subconscious, with the dream world and with our own instinctive animality, true strength, i.e. wisdom, can arise.

The Mystical Tarot, A Journey Into the Sacred
12 of the 22 Cards Shown Below:
1st Row: Title Card, o-Fool (La Folle), 2 High Priestess (La Grande Prêtresse),
2nd Row: 4 Emperor (La Pierre Cubique ) 5 Hierophant (La Maitre des Arcaines), 6 Lovers (L'Amourseuse),
3rd Row: 9 Hermit (La Lampe Voilee), 10 Wheel of Fortune (La Roue de la Fortune), 11 Strength (La Force),
4th Row: 18 Moon (La Lune), 19 Sun (La Lumiere) and 20 Judgment (La Sanction Finale).

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