Tarocchi Nuovi Tipo Egizi
From an anonymous artist of 1920
Set designed by Morena Poltronieri
22 Major Arcana + Signed Title Card
Leaflet: cryptic text deciphered by M. Poltronieri (in Italian)
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Mutus Liber - October 2015
Printed on matte, parchment cardstock
Back design, shown below is not reversible
Card Size: 11 x 22 cm, or 4.33 inches wide by 8.66" long
Comes nesting on a bed of straw, in an elaborate box w/ magnetic clasp & title card on lid
Very limited, special edition of only 50, hand-numbered, signed sets
€ 160.00 Euro + Italian Postage

Museo dei Tarocchi - TTarocchi Nuovi Tipo Egizi, Title Card

 Tarocchi Nuovi Tipo Egizi Box Set Description: This is a rather curious looking deck with cryptic scrawlings on each of the 22 Major Arcana cards which was recently brought back to life by Morena Poltronieri, after nearly 100 years of being lost and forgotten. She discovered it in an old basement. Notes indicate that it was made in 1920, although the artist remains anonymous. This is the only known copy (the Tarot Museum version was therefore printed directly from the antique original cards). Ms. Poltronieri painstakingly deciphered the hand-written notes which have been transcribed (in Italian) within the accompanying leaflet.
Here are translated examples of the decoded notes on the 0 Fool and III Empress cards:
0 Fool, the name refers to "Power of Light" and represents the throne prepared by the Creator for a purified will. The happiness of the Magician resides in the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. However, those who can display self-control and escape temptation may also gain the value of this sacred fruit.

Card combinations (with the Fool)
0-V Yielding towards the right path
0-X Health improvement
0-XV Unhappy marriage or relationship
0-XX Unexpected assistance
0-XXI Improvements from all points of view

III Empress, passionately desires truth and beauty, and seeks their reflections in dealings with others. The opposite of rushing toward the abyss. With this card, the person can expect success in businesses and be in a position to unite others with a balanced mind. The results look promising. Positive traits include ambition, understanding, subtlety and finesse. Numerous, advantageous undertakings prevail. Ghimel number three. Aleph fruitful Beth; son born of Ghimel.

Card Combinations (with the Empress):
III-V Resistance to the physical
III-X Resources increase
III-XV Sensuality, jealousy, disagreements
III-XX Unexpected improvement with an assignment
III-XXI Talent and skill; birth of a child; a desired union
III-XXII Negligence or deception

The scribbled notations on these cards often include references to the Kabbalah along with associated meanings when combined with certain other cards in a spread. This charming set is printed on cream colored, flax cardstock (matte). They are quite large at 4.3" wide by 8.6 inches long but are not really meant to be used as a typical reading deck. The backs have an unusual design (shown below) and are not reversible. The stylish box has an overlapping side panel that snaps in place with a magnetic closure. Within this sturdy, container made of thick cardstock, the cards rest softly on a bed of colored straw which makes for a lovely presentation (cards and box are shown above right). This unique set is recommended for Tarot collectors and those drawn to mysterious looking, handmade vintage decks. Only 50 signed and numbered sets will be made available, as of March 2016 from the International Tarot Museum.

Tarocchi Nuovi Tipo Egizi
Presented by Morena Poltronieri
Card Examples Shown Below:

1st Row: 0-Fool, I-Magician, II-High Priestess,
2nd Row: III-Empress, VI-Lovers, X-Wheel of Fortune
3rd Row: VIII-Justice, XIII-Death, XV-Devil
4th Row: XVI-Tower, XVIII-Moon & Card Back

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