Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata
Tarot of the Crossed Wheel
Created by Claudio Parentela
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Mutus Liber, 2017
22 Major Arcana + Title Card
Leaflet: in Italian, Card Titles in English
Card Size: 4" W by 6" L (15 x 10 Cm.)
Printed on Textured, Matte Cardstock
Back Design: Blank, Reversible
Book-style Cover, Hot Wax Stamped, Tied with Ribbon
Limited to 100, Numbered Sets, Signed by Museum Director, Morena Poltronieri
Cost: €. 45. Euro (+ Italian Postage)

Title Card for Sogno Sublime I Tarocchi

Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata, (Tarot of the Crossed Wheel), proposes 22 altered perspectives on the traditional Major Arcana. The B&W photo collages, are printed on textured, cream-colored cardstock which adds to the appeal of this striking deck set. Claudio Parentela is a popular Italian artist who has created a few decks for the Tarot Museum, thus far including the cheerful: Tarot of the Rainbow (in 2008), a moody Blue Archetype Tarot (in 2010), and more recently The Tarot of the Yellow Vortex (in 2013). When asked to share the creative process behind this project, Parentela reflected:

I began to photograph and paint the TAROCCHI DELLA RUOTA INCROCIATA while thinking of the thousands of shades between black and white; their shadows, their lights, their absolute contrasts, their silences, their many voices, their invisible emotions, their fleeting thoughts.

The lines lead to points that point to the heavens, to the eyes, the heart, the soul that breaks in a twisted glow.

I've joined the drawing, the ink, the paper, my photos. I've outlined similar and remote worlds; different, opposite and identical, as a thought, as a fleeting emotion, as a mazelike and enigmatic Koan.

TAROCCHI DELLA RUOTA INCROCIATA is a romantic dream, a burning quest, a high mountain, a mirror in the mirror of infinity and a broken reflection pasted together by my thoughts and by yours.

Tarot of the Crossed Wheel is recommended for Tarot collectors and photo-collage enthusiasts. The porous, textured, matte cardstock should be handled with care, (as one would art prints). Card titles are in English with Roman numerals. This special set is limited to only 100 numbered, signed copies.

Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata
9 Card Examples Shown Below:
1st Row: II-High Priestess, III Empress, IV Emperor,
2nd Row: X-Wheel of Fortune, XII-Hanged Man, XVI-Tower,
3rd Row: XVIII-Moon, XIX-Sun, XXI-World

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Tarocchi della Ruota Incrociata is Limited to 100 Signed & Numbered Sets

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