Dei ed Eroi - Gods & Heroes
Arcana from the Depths of Greek Myths
Created by Gioia Giorio and Giorio Anna Maria Gioia
Published by Mutus Liber 2018
31 Greek Myth Oracle Cards with Signed & Numbered Leaflet
Leaflet: 6 Pages in Italian or English (Edited by Arnell Ando)
Card Titles: Italian Titles with No Numbers
Card Size: 4" W by 6" L (10.2 by 15.2 cm)
Printed on Textured, Matte Cardstock
Cards Have Narrow White Boarder (Easy to Trim If Borderless is Preferred)
Backs: Reversible Design
Box Style: Flip-top
Limited to 100, Numbered Sets, Signed by Museum Director, Morena Poltronieri
Cost: €. 32. Euro (+ Italian P&H)
*Special Price for U.S. Customers Shared Below

Gods & Heroes Title Card Gods & Heroes is a colorful set of oracle type cards based on the well-known 'red-figure' vascular paintings from 530 B. C., Athens. It aims to offer a unique perspective into one's deep psyche, while also taking into account both internal stereotypes and powerful archetypes; thus allowing us to comprehend where our conflicts lie and how best to assimilate some integration.

The six page leaflet enclosed with this set is helpful in exploring the meanings, historical references and psychological impact of the various archetypes, as well as how the cards work in spreads, a few of which are provided.

These thirty-one cards were proposed by analytical psychologist Giovanni Gocci, while the mythological study and symbolic research for the actualization of the project was the work of artist, Giorio Anna Maria Gioia.

The 31 cards are divided into 5 main groups:

The Ancient Gods (5 cards):

1. Gea (Gaia), 2. Urano (Uranus) 3. Crono (Cronus, Saturn), and the
Pre-Olympian divinities: 4. Mnemosyne (Goddess of memory), and 5. Teti (Thetis, of the Sea).

The Olympian Gods & Goddesses (15 cards): Gods & Heroes: Cronus
Those represented by the masculine include: Zeus, Poseidon, Ade (Hades/Pluto)
and the next generation of: Apollo, Dionysus, Ermes (Hermes), Ares and Efesto (Hephaestus).

The feminine aspect is depicted as: Era (Hera), Estia, Demetra (Demeter) and Aphrodite,
with the next generation being: Artemis, Athena, and Persephone.

The Deities of Destiny (3 cards) include:
Ecate/Hecate, Ananke and Le Moire/the 3 Goddesses of Fate.  

The Heroes (4 cards):
Heracles, Achilles, Hector and Odysseus.

The Elements (4 cards):
Sole (Sun) Terra (Earth), Mare (Sea), and Cielo (Sky).

The divinatory meanings which describe the primary archetypes in this deck are deduced from a wealth of mythological material, which is then explained and summarized within a fundamental framework. The categories above shed light on areas of exploration, such as the following:

Gods & Heroes: Mare - the Sea The Ancient Gods represent beginnings, prehistory, various aspects of our temperament, instinctive tendencies and predispositions, needs, or the impulsive dispositions inherited from the ancestors.

The Gods of Olympia represent various aspects of the male and female personality that are a combination of psychic characteristics and behavioral modalities, specific to an individual.

Deities of Destiny are divine lunar figures; mistresses of life and death which represent our angst and fears.

The Heroes: express the character of an individual, and in particular, existential situations that denote necessary life choices and the capacity for action.

And lastly, the 4 Elements represent astral influences and assistance or advice from the Universe.

According to the enclosed leaflet, with this insightful deck we can ask weighty questions such as: "What do I really want from life?" Or "What are my fundamental needs, or desires, which would make life more meaningful?" Or "What does my soul yearn for and will this transform my life?" Gods & Heroes: Heracles

So, for instance, if we want to deepen our awareness of an aspect of our personality, we can choose among the Olympian Gods; while posing a question such as: "Which aspect of my personality is manifesting during this period of my life?"
If in a reading we want a fuller view of the stage in life we are currently (or were previously) experiencing, we could divide the deck according to the various groups mentioned above and spread it upside down. Then choose a card from each group.

1) The card of the Ancient Gods reveals what aspect, handed down by our ancestors, we may be initiating.
2) The card of 'Dei Olimpi' describes a key aspect of our personality.
3) The Hero’s card shares how we face problems in life.
4) The card of the Deity of Destiny indicates our deep fears.
5) And the card of the elements shares protection and advice from the Universe.

A few sample readings and helpful examples and explanations are also given, which expand the usage of the deck in a therapeutic, insightful manner along with how best to utilize male and female archetypes in this deck (depending on an individual seeker). Also a paragraph is dedicated to each card's mythological meaning, which is helpful to those less familiar with these myths or elemental forces; as well as being from a more European perspective, that is steeped in this history and lore and closest to the source. This is a well thought out, comprehensive tool that would be useful in various settings (therapy, workshops, school) as well as for personal growth. The artwork is raw and impactful and makes an impressive presentation. The set is modestly priced and should prove to be a powerful, energizing vehicle for exploration and discovery. The cards are on textured cardstock, which has a nice feel, although not really meant for excessive shuffling. However they should hold up ok, if treated with care. Those of us intrigued by premordial myths and archetypes and how they continue to interact with our imaginations, our psyche, should find them a welcome companion.

Gods & Heroes, Arcana from the Depths of Greek Myths
15 Card Examples Shown Below:
1st Row: Gea (Gaia), Urano (Uranus) and Mnemosine
2nd Row: Teti (Thetis), Zeus, Poseidon
3rd Row: Ade (Hades/Pluto), Dioniso (Dionysus) and Persefone (Persophone)
4th Row: Demetra (Demeter), Ecate (Hecate), and Le Morrie (3 Goddesses of Fate)
5th Row - the Elements: Sole (Sun), Terra (Earth), Cielo (Air); and Mare/Sea (shown elsewhere on page)

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