Edda Tarot
Published by Museo dei Tarocchi, 2021
Concept & Graphic Design: Ernesto Fazioli
22 Major Arcana
Cards: Printed on Textured, Matte Art Stock (300 GSM)
Card Back Design: Non-Reversible, (Shown Below)
Card Size: 4" W x 6" L (10 x 15 cm)
Presented in a Gift Box, Tied with Ribbon and a Silver Charm
Hand-Numbered & Signed by Ernesto Fazioli
Limited Ed. of Only 100 Sets: € 70. Euro + P&H from Italy
For U.S. Customers - A Special Price Shared Below

Edda Tarot - Boxed Set The Vikings were seafaring conquerors, raiders, explorers, settlers and traders from what is now known as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. They ventured throughout much of the world during the Viking Age (roughly 793-1066 CE). And traveled as far east as Baghdad, as far west as North America, which they discovered some five hundred years before Christopher Columbus. They spoke the ancient Norse language and wrote in runes.

Before the Norse (Vikings) converted to Christianity during the Middle Ages, they had their own native pagan religion that was as starkly beautiful as the Scandinavian landscape to which it was so closely connected. The centerpiece of that Norse mythology was a set of religious tales and poems that gave rich meaning to their lives. These myths revolved around gods and goddesses with complex characters, such as Odin, Thor, Freya, and Loki. Odin was the most revered and supreme deity of Norse mythology, as the awe-inspiring ruler of Asgard, on an unrelenting quest for knowledge with his two ravens, two wolves and the Valkyries (thirteen warrior demigoddesses who guide worthy souls of the dead to Odin's great hall, known as Valhalla).

Ancient Runestone Even though it’s been a thousand years since the last Vikings laid down their arms, people continue to feel inspired by the mystical wonder of the Norse myths and the gods and goddesses who inhabit them. Which is why I am so delighted to share this beautiful, unusual deck created by Ernesto Fazioli, who is once again tapping into his passion for universal mythologies and symbolic art forms that connect to the meanings and teachings of the Tarot.

The enclosed leaflet (in most cases) briefly describes the myth depicted on the card, and the gods or goddesses most associated with the ancient tale. All but the Fool and the 9 - Hermit Cards include the myth, (often in poem form) in Danish, which is also shared on the bottom of each corresponding card. In the leaflet it is then translated into English. Three examples of the text from the leaflet are shared below.

As with most decks from Italy, the Justice card is number 8 and Strength: 11. The cards have familiar corresponding Major Arcana numbers, but are otherwise untitled, save for the Fool card which carries no number and is titled 'Loka' (aka Loki) and is shown below. More than half of this Major Arcana deck is displayed here, with the English titles included for reference. The deck is printed on textured, matte art stock, as is typical for these special, limited editions from Museo dei Tarocchi, and which lends an inviting, tactile look and feel. The card backs (shared below) have a beautiful Nordic design but are not reversible. The ancient stories behind the artwork on the box cover as well as the title card (both are different) are also described in brief in the enclosed leaflet.

Edda Tarot - 20 Judgement The (4" W x 6" L - 10 x 15 cm) deck comes in an elegant cardboard gift box with the 22 + title card, tied with ribbon, while resting protectively on padded backing. A silver charm dangles from the ribbons, adding an elegant touch. This edition is limited to only 100 copies, signed and numbered by Ernesto Fazioli.

Here are three examples from the leaflet with the corresponding cards displayed below:

Loka - Loki as 0 - The Fool:
The subtle, malicious Loki (part god, part devil) is the trickster god of Norse Mythology. We find him flowing in the veins of the human race and know him as sin or passion.

6 Lovers (Lord Freyr + Gerd, the earth Goddess):
The first section in the leaflet description of this card is poetic verse, which is also found on the card (in Danish) and which is then translated into English:

The daughter of Gymis with gold didst thou buy,
And sold thy sword to boot;
But when Muspell's sons through Myrkwood ride,
Thou shalt weaponless wait, poor wretch.
(Lokasenma, 42)

Fregr is one of the most celebrated of the gods. This is the story of Freyr and Gerd and his love of her and his wooing of her through the agency of his faithful servant Skirner. Freyr, having given away his sword to obtain her love, will find himself without arms when the giants sally forth to the fight in the final Ragmarok.

9 Hermit as Odin (aka Opinn or Othin)
He is the all-pervading spirit of the world. All enterprise in peace and in war proceeds from him. He is the author of war and the inventor of poetry. All knowledge comes from him and he is the inventor of the ancient runes. As the spirit of life, he permeates all animate and inanimate matter, and the whole universe; he is the infinite wanderer.

Edda Tarot - Ernesto Fazioli
12 of the 22 Cards Shown Below:
1st Row: Title Card, o-Fool (Loki - Loka), 2 High Priestess (Untitled),
2nd Row: VI-Lovers (Untitled), IX Hermit (Opinn), X-Wheel (Untitled),
3rd Row: XI-Strength (Untitled), XIII-Death (Untitled), XV-Devil (Untitled),
4th Row: XXI-World (Untitled), Card Back.

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Edda Tarot
22 Card Set

Hand-signed and Numbered by Ernesto Fazioli
Limited Ed. of Only 100 Sets

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