The French Tarot - Tarocchi Francesi - the Anonymous Tarot of Paris
1st Ed: December 2020, Out of Print by Summer 2021
2nd Ed: Available from Nov. 2021
Published by the Museo dei Tarocchi
78 cards, Printed on Textured, Matte Art Stock
1st Ed. Card Size Was: 3.3" W x 5.9" L - 8.5 x 15 Cm.
2nd Ed. Card Size: 3" W x 5.25" L - 7.62 x 13.3 Cm.
Card Back Design: Reversible (same as 1st Ed), Shown Below
Soft Cover Book - Both Editions the Same: 128 pages, (in Italian & English)
2nd Edition Deck is Limited to 300 Sets
Signed & Numbered by Morena Poltronieri, Director of Museo dei Tarocchi
2nd Ed. Set: Deck Comes in a Gift Box with a Drawstring Tarot Bag and Includes the Book
Museo dei Tarocchi: Special Price for 2nd Ed. € 75. Euro + P&H from Italy

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Video Walkthrough of 1st Ed. of the French Tarot

Informative Review by the Historian of 'Tarot Heritage', Sherryl E. Smith

Delighted to share this gorgeous reproduction of the French Tarot, aka: the  Tarot de Paris Box Set from Museo de Tarocchi Anonymous Tarot of Paris, presented by Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli of Museo dei Tarocchi. The deck was lovingly restored with an eye on refining the details in this unusual, vintage set of cards.

The 1st Edition of 200 sets quickly sold out. The 2nd Ed. (limited to 300 numbered, signed sets) is the same softly textured, matte cardstock, though the size is a bit smaller (see specs above). This version is also considerably less expensive. It comes in a stylish cardboard gift box with a black drawstring Tarot tote. The 128-page book is included in the price. It is full of fascinating tidbits on the symbology found in the cards and other details related to research on the original 17th century production, as well as references to historical significances found in the cards, such in the suit of Coins, which depicts 55 noble coats of arms.

The 4 suits are briefly described and their card associations (both positive and negative) are listed in a general manner, though the majority of attention in this book is devoted to the 22 Major Arcana. While flipping to the Italian section, you can find each Major Arcana image in B&W for reference if needed. Generalized positive and negative key words are shared for the Trump cards as well.

The style and oftentimes the imagery is quite unique when compared with other popular Tarot de Marseille type decks of the era. This much sought after historical deck, commonly known as the Anonymous Tarot of Paris is a rare, fully intact seventy-eight card deck from the 17th century. The original is housed at the Bibliotheque National de France. It was created in Paris, (most likely for a prominent French family), as indicated on the Two and Three of Cups cards where a space is left with the wording: 'FAICT a PARIS PAR' (Produced in Paris by______). Unfortunately the name of the creator was erased. The printer does not appear on the cards as was originally intended - given the blank space left to insert name and trademark (at a later date). As mentioned in the accompanying book:

Despite the anonymity of the creator, these cards have withstood the ravages of time and the deck has been preserved in its entirety. This deck is actually one of the few fully intact historic 'documents' relating to Tarot and is most likely the oldest complete deck of France.

Morena Poltronieri and Ernesto Fazioli devoted two years researching and restoring this precious historical deck, reviving its earthy tones, the charming facial expressions, costumes and vibrant colors. The seventy-eight cards, were originally made from woodcuts and printed with a stenciling technique which was unfortunately rather crudely applied, leaving some of the images looking rather 'muddy' and lacking their intended detail. But they have now been re-colored and enhanced by the Museo team while closely following the original sources. From this laborious effort, emerged some unexpected characteristic features which made this work both gratifying and quite unique in the production of this special deck. Poltronieri and Fazioli worked on the images digitally through various color definition phases. Smudges caused by time and wear were gently removed while the natural coloring and definitions were enhanced. It was important for the team not to interfere with the style and overall ambience of these lovely cards, but to preserve the original uniqueness and charm. How fortunate we are to have this full deck passed down from history to study and enjoy, especially since it has now been so beautifully restored in this splendid reproduction.

French Tarot - Anonymous Tarot of Paris
18 Card Examples Shown Below:
1st Row: 1-Magician, II-High Priestess, III-Empress,
2nd Row: IV-Emperor, VIII-Justice, XI-Strength,
3rd Row: XVII-Star, XVIII-Moon, XIX-Sun
4th Row: Knight of Wands, 2 of Cups, Queen of Cups
5th Row: Ace of Swords, King of Swords, 2 of Coins
6th Row: 4 of Coins, King of Coins, Card Backs

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