Transformational Tarot Published by US Games, Spring 2006
Currently Out of Print for the 2nd time. To view cards with descriptions visit here

Reviews of Transformational Tarot, written by respected tarot artists & scholars:

A wonderful write-up by poet & Tarot reader/author Stewart Warren of

Creator of Tarot of the Masters James Ricklef, interviewed Arnell Ando about Transformational T.

Tarot Artist, Sally Anne's review of the U.S. Games version of Trans T.

Review of the U.S. Games Trans T. by historian K. Frank Jensen

Review of U.S. Games Transformational T. by artist Pamela Wells (for Amazon)

Review of the newer version of Trans T by artist Leslie Cochran (for Amazon)

Review of US Games publication by Diane Wilkes (for Amazon)

Review of the U.S. Games version by Bonnie Cehovet (for Aeclectic Tarot)

Review of the 1st publication of Trans T. by Olwen (for Aeclectic Tarot)

Arnell Ando