Reviewed by Leslie Cochran
Specifically for Amazon
Transformational Tarot
by: Arnell Ando
U.S. Games Systems Inc.,
Published in spring of 2006

Finally, the Transformational Tarot is back in print, re-mastered by Arnell Ando and re-printed by U.S. Games. I am thrilled to have this hauntingly beautiful deck in my possession. The cards elicit uncanny synchronicities for me, I just enjoy holding them in my hands and viewing them one by one – picking up fresh details each time and marveling at the interplay of color, darkness and light in the compositions.

No ‘run of the mill’ symbology here. Three of my favorites? If I ‘simply ‘had to’ pick: ‘The Dreamer’ (Fool) I love the movement in this card: floating bubble, circling owl, the child’s soft steps in the swaying ferns……Another is ‘The World’, this card makes me want to get out of just my ‘head’ and into my whole body, which is often not an easy task. The golden goddess open and peaceful against the night sky – signifies for me that ‘all is well’. And also, one of my personal cards, ‘Introspection’ (The Hermit) This version more than many others comes close to echoing my hermit tendencies. I especially love the white bear on this card – a hermit familiar and (synchronicity again) one of my dream totem animals! An altogether gorgeous and thought provoking deck.

© April 2006
Review reprinted with permission from Leslie Cochran
of the wonderful handcrafted deck set Dreamythology