Commentary on Transformational Tarot
shared by Stewart Warren
Published by U.S. Games
Created by Arnell Ando

Here is a Tarot for accompanying the new hero on their journey of becoming—a worthy tool and good medicine for the traveller on these ancient paths unfolding and expanding before us. The Transformational Tarot brings six centuries of cartomancy and the mystery teaching forward with uncomplicated grace. Without insistent inclusion or random forcing of meanings, Arnell Ando has allowed the accumulated knowledge of Alchemy, Hermetic Qabalah and Jungian Psychology to support a Tarot experience that is contemporary and far reaching. The underpinnings of the philosophies mentioned above are present, but only in nuance. There is an inherent freedom in the symbolism which therefore lends itself correctly to a personal experience of individuation.

Whether used for divination or meditation the images on these cards, which are carefully mastered collage, allow the inquirer to connect immediately and find themselves as conscious participants in the center of their own mystical experience. The LWB that accompanies the Transformational Tarot is extremely well written, informative, focused and yet allowing. In itself that small booklet is a valuable asset for those who understand themselves, not as captives nor tourists, but as true travellers on a path of enlightenment.

—Stewart S. Warren, author of The Song of It:
A Travelogue of Norteño and Friend: poems for travellers.

Transformational T. Published by U.S. Games Systems Inc., © 2006