Reviewed by Pamela Wells
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Transformational Tarot
by: Arnell Ando
U.S. Games Systems Inc.,
Published in spring of 2006

The Transformational Tarot is a masterful and compelling tarot deck for both tarot enthusiasts and art collectors. The artist, Arnell Ando, created a deck that take's the querent on a fascinating journey of self-knowledge. As an experienced tarot enthusiasts and art collector, I was drawn to the earthy colors and mysterious imagery of the cards. The compositions are very unique and provoke even greater self-inquiry. I believe this is because the card imagery is very soulful yet the artist also remained attentive to small and important symbolic details that are so important when using a tarot deck for self-inquiry or a full reading.

Ando is a Jungian-base, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist and has a Masters Degree in Psychology which has definitely infused this deck with great symbolic meaningfulness and depth. I feel lucky to have had the good fortune of discovering this deck. As an art collector and a self-published Tarot artist, I believe Transformational Tarot reveals a whole spectrum of enchanted images inspired from a higher place. This deck is special in that it is a labor of love and can be enjoyed by anyone. An explanatory booklet is included with the complete deck set. For those who collect the tarot or love transformational art work, check out Ando's latest self-published deck the " Lucky Pack Tarot ".

US Games Systems April 2006
Review reprinted here with permission from Pamela Wells
of the lovely self-published deck, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess