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*NEW* Working on restoring the late, great K. Frank Jensen's exceptional site 'Manteia', which we'd created together over the years (but it unexpectedly vanished after his sad departure)

Thrilled to share: Video Tarot a hand-numbered, Limited Ed. Major Arcana set that explores Tarot archetypes, viewed through the lens of 22 celebrated indie films (published by Arnell's Art)

Tarot Travel Guide of Italy - eBook - full of fascinating details about Tarot's history + colorful imagery, reference maps, links to mystical places & artists met on our Tarot Art Tours...

Favorite Links

Treasured Indie Decks:

The wondrous Pholarchos Tarot, by Carmen Sorrenti (published by Arnell's Art in 2018). Great News! The illuminating full-length companion guide now available for FREE download

Tarot of the Crone a beloved deck by Ellen L-Prince (published by Arnell's Art) available July  2021 (while they last) as a larger sized deck & booklet set in a limited edition of only 250!

Dark Goddess Tarot:
a powerful deck by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince (originally published by Arnell's Art in 2013) now available as an elegant set with full color book from Schiffer Publishing - 2020

Minoan Tarot by Ellen L-Prince, includes a beautifully written book which compliments a deeply expressive offering to this ancient culture (published by Arnell's Art)

Video Tarot a hand-numbered, Limited Ed. trump deck/book set exploring Tarot archetypes, viewed through the lens of 22 celebrated indie films (published by Arnell's Art)

Pagan Otherworlds, Brut Tarot, Eros: The Garden of Love and so many gorgeous, beautifully crafted decks -by Linnea Gits & Peter Dunham of Uusi

Cool B&W set Le Tarot Noir, by French illustrator, Matthieu Hackiere

Historic reproduction by il Meneghello, of Visconti de Modrone - Aka: Cary Yale Tarot

Emi in Wonderland Tarot deck, book & box set collab from il Meneghello & Tarot Museo - ( OOP )

LiteraTarot - America A collaborative deck (hosted by me - Arnell) with 22 U.S. artists each creating a card that corresponds to literary work

Wheel of Change by Alexandra Genetti - 2nd Ed. self-published fabulously in 2016

Jumbledance Tarot: fascinating, complex and well designed collage deck by Alexandra Genetti - finally available (beautifully produced, self-published edition)

Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nora Huszka, colorful and mesmerizing

Tabula Mundi by M. M. Meleen, especially Special Edition in wooden box with B&W and Color Versions - Spectacular

Tarot, a Deck of 78 Cards by Amy Von Harrington is a funky, fun collage deck of whimsy

Dark Carnival Tarot cool, colorful hand-drawn 78-card deck inspired by the Juggalo music culture

Stolen Child Tarot , beautiful, sweet self-published deck by Monica Knighton (of Tarot of the Dead), inspired by the Yeats poem

Rabbit Tarot adorable 78 card deck self-published by Nakisha Elsje VanderHoeven

el Tarot de Marcelino - created & self-published by Lynyrd Narciso

Pen Tarot & Wild Green Chagallian Tarot are both sadly OOP but this exceptional artist is usually up to wonderful creative projects

22 Arcani in 22 Numeri - A beautiful, handcrafted deck and box set by Osvaldo Menegazzi

Tarocchi Metaforici - Osvaldo Menegazzi's gorgeous handcrafted deck & box set

Rock & Roll Tarot by Chris Paradis 1st and 2nd Ed. (OOP)

Gaian Tarot by Joanna P. Colbert a blend of earth centered spirituality & cross-cultural myth

Artist Inner Vision Tarot a lovely collaborative collage deck set I was proud to be a party to, many moons ago

Julie-Cuccia Watts fabulous Tarot decks and art

Favorite Published Decks

Tarot of Bologna, (18th Century), published by il Meneghello - OOP

Gaian Tarot by Joanna P. Colbert, published by Llewellyn in 2011

Deviant Moon Tarot has a dark, dreamy surreal quality - published by US Games

Karma Tarot By Birgit Boline Erfurt - Published by US Games 1983

Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy - Published by US Games 2009

Medieval Scapini Tarot - republished by U.S. Games 2004

Nigel Jackson Tarot (re-issued as Medieval Enchantment Tarot, also OOP)

Tarot of the Magical Forest - re-published by Lo Scarabeo in 2008

Golden Tarot of Klimt by Atanassov based on the art of Gustav Klimt

Touchstone Tarot, by Kat Black

Golden Tarot, also by Kat Black

Motherpeace Tarot by Vogel and Noble

MerryDay Tarot by Louisa Poole

Alice Tarot from Baba Studios

Ceccoli Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli from Lo Scarabeo

Tarot Deck Printers for Self Publishing

My helpful essay on tips & links re: Self-Publishing Your Own Deck - (updated)

Shuffled Ink (Florida) Reasonably priced, can customize cards, lwb, box - size. Offers small, in-house print jobs too (1000 optimal). Free help from Graphics Dept. I've worked with them many times & recommend

Expert Playing Card Company: (N.Y.) tends to work with publishers & graphic artists with strong Adobe Illustrator skills but open to Photoshop based clientele. Excellent quality.

Carti Mundi: well-established, no-nonsense card publisher. May charges extra for art/graphics dept assistance.

WinGo Games Printers: recommended for challenging projects including Round Shaped Decks Tarot Art Sites

Museo dei Tarocchi Tarot Museum in Italy - And Arnell's Mini Museo Site has easy access to the highlights & decks

Osvaldo Menegazzi's - il Menegello -the legendary publisher, artist & craftsman

Fun & Free Tarot Stuff

Free Tarot Readings from a variety of unique spreads + a helpful guide to Card Meanings: Tarot by Mary Cole

Free, Contemplative Tarot Spreads from Lizzie B of Backyard Banshee

Free (Waite/Smith based) Tarot Readings by Eva Delattre

Free Tarot Readings from 'Dark Tarot' (in Italy)

Free Online Tarot Course by Ian Eshey

Free tarot reading using decks by esoteric artists and occultists

Free Tarot Birth Cards Calculator Makes it simple to determine the Tarot cards linked to you.

Free Tarot Card Reading with Artist Inner Vision Tarot

Free Waite-Smith e-postcards

Special Interest

Tarot Collector's Forum

Tarot History Forum

Cult of Tarot

Michele Jackson's blog on bone casting & divination

DreaMythology by talented artist, Leslie Cochran

Abracadabra Tarot Poetic, inspiring blog of Tarot life in France as an American expat

Reinhard Schmid's Tarot Art Museum (in Germany)

Site of Janet Berres, founder of International Tarot Symposium in Chicago

Blog of Mr. LaLuna (from Belgium), shares an eclectic assortment of rare and unusual Tarot decks sure to entice

Marcia McCord's Tarot Blog

Robert Place: Tarot decks and art/history

Tom Tadford Little's informative Tarot history site (luckily found in web archives)

Art Rosengarten's book, essays, deck and workshops

Rachel Pollacks' Tarot books and deck

Tarot Reviews

Aeclectic displays over 600 decks and hosts Tarot forums and reviews (no longer active but still a useful archive)

Mary Greer's Blog has Tarot reviews and interesting essays

Bonnie Cehovet's site has many Tarot deck & book reviews and will sometimes do review for free copy (inquire first)

Tarot Passages hosted by Diane Wilkes 

Commercial Tarot Sites

U.S. Games Tarot decks and books

Llewellyn Tarot decks and books

Schiffer Publishing Tarot decks and books

Lo-Scarabeo- Italian deck publisher

Museo dei Tarocchi publishes limited ed. Tarot decks

Il Meneghello publishes special Tarot decks plus find original artworks of Osvaldo Menegazzi

Adam McLean, a collector and well known British author has produced several limited edition Tarot art decks

Alida for imported Italian decks (if you don't mind weeding through the inventory)

Other Special Sites (Non Tarot related)

Amazing Yoga Instructor/Vibrational Sound Therapist Kim Teodori, highly recommended

Favorite (FREE) Podcast WTF with Comedian Marc Maron Interviews with comedians and entertainers!

TED: Host talks on anything from neuroscience to political activism to comedy.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (Precious Perfume Oils)

Contemporary surreal artist- Maggie Taylor

Kelly Vivanco's mysterious & unusual art

Botano Cretan Mountain Herbs - My fav for ordering flavorful loose-leaf teas & fresh herbs from Greece and surroundings

Joseph Campbell foundation (the great mythologist)

Robert Monroe - (out of body experience research and exploration)

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