Miniature 'Il Meneghello'

This is an artistic interpretation of Arnell & Michael's favorite Tarot shop in Italy, Il Meneghello . So enchanted with Osvaldo Menegazzi, (shop owner, artist and publisher), that they created this miniature replica for him. If you would like to read more about Osvaldo and his artwork, please visit the web site Arnell designed for 'il Meneghello' . In June 2004 Michael & Arnell returned to Italy to present Osvaldo with this shop. Here's an article regarding that visit with pictures. This Recreation captures some of Osvaldo's intricate shadow boxes, decks, prints, and other artworks in miniature form. Details such as wallpaper, floors and furniture placement were recreated whenever possible. With this shop, the door was placed at the far left to mimic the look of Osvaldo's entrance and a divider wall was added to create a two room effect as well as stairs leading to an imagined 2nd floor.

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Arnell Ando