Storyteller Tarot
Concept and book by Diana Wilkes
Collage Tarot deck by Arnell Ando

The Storyteller Major Arcana deck was created to accompany Diane Wilkes's wonderfully original perspective on the Tarot. Diane's book shares story, movie and song correlation's for the archetypal Major Arcana, along with analyses, interpretations, journal and experiential exercises. I was so inspired by her creative genius that I asked to collaborate with Diane on this project. I am very excited about the alchemical result of our joint efforts. This rare find is limited to only 50 signed and numbered copies and includes a 100 page book, and handcrafted Major Arcana deck...

We are Sorry, this deck is out of print. If you are interested in obtaining the book, with or without the card images, please contact Diane Wilkes at

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And a Miniature version of the cards below...

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