The 4th Tarot Art History Tour of Italy
is going to be wonderful so hope to meet you there along with Osvaldo Menegazzi & friends.
Get on our contact list if you're up for an enchanting adventure with a traveling Tarot tribe!
Brought to you by Arnell Ando with Morena Poltronieri & Ernesto Fazioli of Museo dei Tarocchi.

*Wonderful visit with Osvaldo Menegazzi in il Meneghello (w/ English subtitles).

Happy to share the 2015: Tarot Tour of Italy video
created from highlights, it gives a sense
of this magical tour.

And glad to share the 2012: Italy Tarot Tour video

And the first in 2011: Tarot Tour of Italy video
re-mastered from favorite pics.

But if you could not join our tours, the Tarot Travel Guide of Italy is full of fascinating details of Tarot's history w/ colorful imagery, reference maps + live links to magical places & artists met. Updated in Autumn 2017, it is available as an eBook.

Essays on Osvaldo Menegazzi
In Fall 2007 Arnell & Michael visited Osvaldo in his shop il Meneghello again. See details & photos here.
Arnell's essay on a 3rd visit to Il Meneghello, 2004, (art photos, etc.)
If you ever find yourself in Milan... (shared around 2000)
A pictorial demo of Menegazzi making a large Tarot box
Sally Anne Stephen shares a custom made box Menegazzi created especially for her

Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV, U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 2005
Osvaldo Menegazzi's decks featured in Tarot Encyclopedia Vol. IV

A Few Il Meneghello Deck Reviews - Posted on Tarot Passages
La Corte dei Tarocchi by Anna Maria D’Onofrio
Christopher Columbus Collaborative deck
Diane Wilkes compares 2 Cat (I Gatti) decks
Osvaldo’s Dog Tarot, 22 Arcani i Cani del Mondo, Reviewed by Michele Jackson
Michele Jackson reviews Soprafino Tarot
Le Conchiglie Divinatorie (The Seashell Tarot) Reviewed by Paula Gibby
Le Calzature Fantastiche also Reviewed by Michele Jackson
Tarocco della Musica
Tarot del Horror (Horror Tarot)
I 22 Arcana Fiabeschi (Fairytale Tarot)
Le Mani Divinatorie (Hand of Divination)
Tarocchi del Mantegna reviewed by Mark Filipas

Short film of Osvaldo Menegazzi in il Meneghello by Linda Marson of

Global Spiritual Studies

(with Tarot master courses from great teachers including Mary K. Greer & Rachel Pollack)

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