LiteraTarot Oceania
22 Major Arcana cards
Created by 22 Artists
Coordinators: Fern Mercier & Lyn Olds - New Zealand
Theme: Tarot cards as inspired by literary classics
Text: Leaflet with card descriptions & meanings shared by each artist
Card Size: (approximately) 4.75" H x 2.75" W, 7 x 12 cm
Specs: Limited edition of 300 numbered decks
A high quality printing on cardstock
Packaging: Book-style, tied with ribbons securely attached to back and front covers.
A card from the deck is fastened to the front with info on the back cover.
Card Backs: Reversible (the museum's standard design)
Published by Museo Dei Tarocchi - Hermatena in 2008
Cost: € 30.00 Euro + Italian Postage
*Special price for U.S. Customers Below

Description: This collaborative deck by 22 Oceania artists (down under) offers imaginative, fresh interpretations of the Tarot. Each artist chose a work of literature or pop fiction (from there or anywhere else in the world) that relates to a specific card in the Major Arcana. The card title, book name and Roman numeral card number are clearly displayed. There are witty choices such as the Devil card (shown below), while others are touching or nostalgic, such as the Death card (Jonathan Livingston Seagull), or Winnie the Pooh for the Fool card (see below). The artwork, which consists mostly of paintings, drawings, or collage (digital or handmade) creates a cohesive collection, given the literary theme while also making for some interesting contrasts in presentation and interpretation. Many of the books chosen by the artists are easily recognizable as beloved works of fiction (and they also relate in meaning to the given card). Each card was made specifically for this lovely deck and the original artworks hang in the enchanting Museo dei Tarocchi, in Italy. A beautiful deck for collectors and for those who are drawn to art decks though this would also work well for doing Majors only readings.

List of artists with the literature choice for their card:

0 The Fool – Pat Reble – Winnie The Pooh
I The Magician – Keron Smith – Harry Potter
II The Papess – Ronnie Wiblin - The Sibylline Prophecies
III The Empress – Aileen Flynn – Homer’s Hymn To Gaia
IV The Emperor – Jason Dean – Heart of Darkness
V The Pope – Louise Sadgrove – The Lovely Bones
VI The Lovers – Fern Mercier – Psyche and Eros
VII The Chariot – Melanie Cook – The Owl and the Pussycat
VIII Justice - Helen Meinecke - Pomera (from Stradbroke Dreamtime)
IX The Hermit – Catherine Ballantyne – The Envoy From Mirror City
X The Wheel of Fortune – Claudia Pond – The Monk’s Tale
XI Strength – Bea Scott – Oscar and Lucinda
XII The Hanging Man – Broa Deed – Biographia Literaria
XIII Death – Klaz Blennerhassett – Jonathon Livingston Seagull
XIV Temperance – Sarah McKenney – Angel At My Table
XV The Devil – Linde Rosenberg – The Bible
XVI The Tower - Roisin Kearney - Tower of Babel (from Genesis, Chapter 11)
XVII The Star – Mala Mayo – Manon de Sources
XVIII The Moon – Samar Ocean Wolf – The God of Small Things
XIX The Sun – Lyn Howarth-Olds and Scott Olds – Maui and the Sun
XX Judgment – Steve Farac-Ciprian – Of Mice and Men
XXI The World – Lynda Robinson – Alice In Wonderland

LiteraTarot Oceania

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