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My 210 page book on the most widespread, influential tarot deck of them all, `The Waite-Smith Tarot' (after 1972 often incorrectly referred to as `Rider-Waite') was published in 2006 by the Australian based `Association of Tarot Studies'. The book illustrated in b&w and colour, tells the story of this famous tarot deck from its very beginning, around the year 1900 up to the year 2000. It consists of four parts: `Artist and Author', `Waite's Golden Dawn', `The Waite-Smith Tarot' and `Catalogue'.

How "Story of the Waite Smith Tarot" came into being ...


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This section of manteia-online.dk is devoted to further research of the Waite-Smith tarot deck (WST). New discoveries will be linked to or placed here. You are welcome to contribute serious material, such as new observations and so far unknown editions of WST from before WWII. Remakes of the WST earlier than 2000 (which are not depicted in the book) will also be of interest.

Articles etc:

K. Frank Jensen:
A Century with the Waite-Smith Tarot (and all the others...)

An article written on the occasion of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Waite-Smith Tarot
(December 1909-2009).
Download pdf here


Asta Erte's Waite-Smith Tarot Anniversary Mail Art Project Documentation
a mail art project initiated and documented by K. Frank Jensen 2009
Download pdf here


K. Frank Jensen
'The Early Waite-Smith Tarot Editions'
A 25 pages colour illustrated article, based on parts of the book, was published in "The Early Waite-Smith Tarot Editions", based on parts of the book, was published in "The Playing Card", the quarterly newsletter of the "International Tarot Society", (vol. 34, #1, July-September 2005).
Download as a pdf-file here.

New WST discoveries and publications:

K. Frank Jensen:
Comments regarding Pietro Alligo's comprehensive study of the early Waite-Smith tarot editions, as presented in 'Twenty Years of Tarot: The Lo Scarabeo Story', opened up for new perspectives in the history of this spectacular esoteric tarot pack.
Read my comments on Alligo's study here

Publication: US Games Systems Inc. -
Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set (May 2009):
See review here.

Illustrations you can not find in
'The Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot'.
See them here:

Waite's Rosencrusian Tarot (B&W)

Westcott's Golden Dawn Tarot Sketches (Sans the Devil)
(Thank you John Choma for sharing this lost file!)

Hartcourt Book Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith

The Pratt Institute, NY

W.B. Yeates Drawing by Pam Colman Smith A.E. Waite Portrait

Early Soft Cover of The Key To The Tarot

Turkish Waite-Smith Tarot

Anniversary Artistamp of Pamela Colman Smith

Blue tuck-box for the PCS-tarot

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