Marseille Family Court Cards
by: Arnell Ando

By chance or synchronicity, my family has the right amount of
personalities and the male to female ratio of the Court cards in the Tarot, while
adding to this mix, newbie grandkids from the next generation who represent the Dreamer (Fool) and the World. (With a tip of the hat to the beloved Tarot de Marseille, borrowed for this personal, unpublished project.)

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Family Court Cards
by: Arnell Ando
16 Court Cards +
0 The Dreamer & XXI The World

0 - Dreamer - My Baby Granddaugher - Zoe

Created Summer, 2010
for a Family Reunion Project Updated in 2012 with a New Knight of Cups, my Grandson!

Daughter in Law - Uta - Princess of Wands Son - Teppei - Knight of Wands Arnell - Queen of Wands Husband - Michael - King of Wands
Niece - Danielle - Princess of Cups Grandson - Milo Anthony - Knight of Cups Sister- Diana - Queen of Cups Brother - Chris - King of Cups
Niece - Amy - Princess of Swords Nephew - Ryan- Knight of Swords Sister in Law - Kristy - Queen of Swords Father - King of Swords
Sister in Law - Karla - Princess of Coins Son - Taro - Knight of Coins Mother - Queen of Coins Brother - Tony - King of Coins

Made with Tarot de Marseille
(c. 1650, France) as a template, a box of family photos and Adobe Photoshop

Grandniece - Hayley - XXI The World

For a collaborative keepsake; each family member was requested to contribute a personal story, or shared memory; this is my offering.

0 The Dreamer: Zoe ~ Granddaughter Description: A baby-faced Dreamer sets out on her first journey wearing colorful motley clothes, and with a pack tied to a staff, a lucky Fool doll strapped to her belt and a small dog, nipping at her from behind. My only grandchild, Zoe was born during the making of this Family Court Card deck and this is the first photo of her, which I somehow find fitting. The first image I ever had of her was of Zoe victoriously emerging a harrowing passage, into the big, wide world (after 9 hours of struggle). Overcome with emotion as I was to see this amazing tiny being in those initial moments, I felt the magic of this brand new beginning that will lead to many stories and shared adventures. We were tickled by all the funny faces and mesmerized by her very essence. Such utter newness, freshness, and an innocence of even the simplest risk or responsibility…only going by instinct and trust that love and luck will see her through. She portrays the perfect Dreamer card to me, with everything ahead of her to explore with all our best wishes. Meanings: The card of new beginnings and infinite possibilities. The long and winding journey lies before you, with many adventures, unexpected influences and opportunities. Take the plunge into the unknown, breaking loose, with no boundaries or limitations. It also means an important choice is before you, so choose wisely. Listen to warnings of a loyal friend; trust instincts and you’ll do just fine. Explore and relish the freedom and lessons life has to offer!

The Wands: Ruled by the Sun , are associated with Fire - creativity, passion, inspiration, enthusiasm, and are 'yang' energy. Virtues: Inspiration, creativity, enterprise and motivation. They are the Intuitive type yet extroverted. Their relation to time is future oriented.

Princess of Wands: Uta ~ Daughter-in-law Description: The elegant Princess of Wands is both traditional and avant garde. The Wand is represented in the young tree bursting with blossoms, representing both her young, creative spirit as well as her engaging optimism that allows others to bloom in her nurturing presence.
Meanings: Creative in subtle ways that leave a lasting impression. A great sense of fashion with a flair for the unusual in style and presentation. Less is more; she has her own unique way of expressing herself and like a gentle whisper, draws others near with rapt attention. A curious and bright mind, she is open to new challenges, and is optimistic and engaging. The creative spark that ignites others into action and which will lead her to pursue many interests.

Knight of Wands: Teppei ~ Younger son Description: The Knight of Wands’ creative ingenuity draws from diverse experiences and a unique perspective on life. He brandishes a paintbrush as a Wand, but is comfortable in most any medium of self expression. The background is populated by his colorful imagination. Smiley faces decorate his garb, linking back to his early success with a comic book series. Meanings: A Knight with a great sense of adventure and creative spirit. A fun loving and generous friend, although at times unpredictable and quick to judge. It is not so much that he is secretive, but more that he changes his focus of attention so often that most can not keep up and he lacks the patience to explain. He does well with collaborations and many projects going on at once, sparking his fiery imagination. He also has a great sense of humor, is perceptive and can be a motivating force for others. He puts great energy into various interests with enthusiasm for tackling the next project down the road.

Queen of Wands: Arnell ~ Me Description: Her Wand of choice is a Wacom Art Pen which along with the magic of Photoshop ignites her with a sense of limitless potential. She tends to see life through a prism of Tarot iconography and a few cards from her published deck fall from her lap. She draws heavily from the past for interpreting the future. The cat represents a loyal friend and an intuitive spirit. The spider web depicts the meticulous, obsessive nature that is both destructive but also creative in what it offers as an end result of fresh insight and approach. Meanings: She is enthusiastic when full of creative energy, often having many projects going on at once. Although family, friends and a sense of community are important to her, she is fiercely independent and respects personal space. She is compassionate and empathic but is most impressed with evolution of spirit and individuation.

King of Wands: Michael ~ Husband Description: He is King of the road and in his element while roaring past on his Harley. His dark glasses hide his passionate nature. He is a tough, tattooed, weathered biker as well as a gentle giant and loyal mate. He finds creative solutions to problems and his attention to detail works well with his enterprising approach to life's challenges. Meanings: He is a master of machines. He can build an engine or a computer with equal ease, putting his perfectionist's touch into all. He has a passion for exploration and is optimistic and persuasive. He loves speed, adventure, challenges. He is full of creative ideas and can be warm hearted and generous to those he takes into his confidence. The King of Wands is a visionary and his dream kingdom is a philosophy. His hunches usually pay off. He gets annoyed when his optimism is dampened. He is forgetful of failures and keeps a steady gaze on the road ahead.

The Cups: Ruled by the Moon , are associated with Water - relationships, love, healing, inner depths, dreams, the astral world, fantasy and illusion. Virtues: Serenity, creative visualization and imagination. They are yin energy. They are the Feeling type and their orientation to time is focused on the past.

Princess of Cups: Danielle ~ Niece Description: The Princess of Cups holds a large ornate goblet, conveying her experience as a popular bartender. In her other hand she holds a vessel of Hope downwards, which makes an invisible trail of all she's poured her wishes and dreams into. She tends to dwell on the past but with a determination to learn from it and move forward. In the background, love letters with kisses reveal a passionate heart and a flair for poetic prose and romantic idealism. Meanings: Intuitive, imaginative, emotional, dreamy, and connected to other realities. One who thrives in the world of romance. She has a great love of aesthetic beauty and a fresh style uniquely her own. The Princess of Cups is compassionate and deeply caring of those she loves. Her friendships last as she is trusting, empathic, while at times playful and adventurous. She is intuitive and at peace with her emotional nature, though sometimes overwhelmed by the depth of her feelings. She has a certain fragility, particularly when confronted with the harsher realities of life, and does not always cope well with conflict and disappointment. In her world, tranquility and harmony are highly valued though she has a high sense of drama and mystique.

Knight of Cups: Milo Anthony ~ Grandson Description: The knight of cups holds a decorative heart in his right hand and in the left, a baby bottle. This is wee Milo at the tender age of 6 months; a sweet angel baby boy. Someone had the wherewithal to escape our family and while we wish him well; his hasty departure has made room for Milo to become the rightful heir to the throne as the loveable knight of cups. Little is known of our young hero at this point beyond his easy going nature and gentle, dreamy disposition. He is irresistibly huggable and will make a charismatic knight of hearts. Meanings: A dreamer and an idealist, though his moods don’t always reflect his actions. He is a passionate, romantic knight when inspired. He responds from the heart to those he holds close. He feels things deeply but does not always allow those emotions to rise to the surface if he senses others will not relate. He can be moody though such feelings usually wash over him. It is important that his emotional needs be met before he can proceed with determined confidence.

Queen of Cups: Diana ~ Sister Description: The Queen of Cups holds a goblet in one hand and attached to her staff in the other is a dragonfly. It harkens back to childhood memories of a pond where mermaids cavorted while dragonflies danced on the surface of the water, so many moons ago; the memory of which remains crystal clear. The sign of Pisces is displayed above her throne, for this sign suits well her intuitive, receptive nature. A troll in swim trunks welcomes a visit down the memory hole. She is as comfortable traveling the distant past as she is dreaming of the future and all the potential it holds. Meaning: The Queen of Cups is sentimental and dreamy. One who lives a great deal in the realm of fantasy, imagination and creativity. A loyal and true friend, she is admired for her honesty and depth of perception. Sometimes she is shy, self-effacing; while other times she can be a creative storyteller. Her intuition is uncanny. She is acutely aware of how she does not often relate to the outer world and so, is sensitive to her feelings as well as those of others. A natural healer or counselor. She feels things more deeply than most and withdraws into her own world when saddened by life's cruelties. She is mysterious, passionate and thoughtful, although not always practical or punctual.

King of Cups: Chris ~ Brother Description: The King of Cups holds a goblet with a seahorse emerging from the top. He is a Renaissance man, adept at expressing his idealistic, creative nature as well as his more practical, industrious side. A sailboat depicts his long romance with the sea and the decision to live on a boat with his family. His trusty dog dressed as a ferocious shark fends off any threats to his loyal matey. The King of Cups' comfort and competence on the high seas gives him a great sense of adventure. His deep commitment to ecology has led him to work in the water department of government for many years. Meanings: The King of Cups is a sensitive gentleman; thoughtful and wise. A philosopher, who contemplates a varied spectrum from politics to the arts. A man with a great sense of adventure and a longing for discovering the world and its many cultures. He has a gift of prose and self expression. He can be moody and brooding if he fights his natural tendency to be imaginative and expressive and he thrives on stimulating discussions, inspirational goals and sharing time with friends and family. He'll motivate the community to restore old buildings, to be more friendly and neighborly. An idealist who encourages the best traits in others.

The Swords: Ruled by Mercury , are associated with Air - the intellect, and quick wit, clarity, challenges and mental distortions of reality. Virtues: courage, strength, organization, truth and justice. The Swords are masculine energy. They represent the logical, objective functions as well as communication through ideas. They are the Thinking type and their orientation to time is linear.

Princess of Swords: Amy ~ Niece Description: The Princess of Swords is depicted wielding a sword with a gun in her belt. She stands her ground. She is adept at weaponry and took to military life with zeal and aptitude. She is in her element in this realm; traveling to distant lands with her band of brothers & sisters; protecting & enforcing law over territories. She is not averse to hardship or personal sacrifice. In the backdrop is a scene of the Middle East where she was stationed. She is inquisitive about other cultures and enjoys traveling and exploring foreign lands. Meanings: A realist with a strong personal code of ethics. Someone adept at perceiving and uncovering that which is unknown. She can seem aloof and strong willed, yet is reliable and enjoys the challenge of collaboration towards a shared goal. Somewhat serious and detached at times, although loyal to those she trusts. She has a sharp and inquiring mind. May appear secretive or reticent to others; she protects her privacy and has a strong sense of personal space. She is not one to over-explain or feel a need to justify her decisions. Independent, forthright, with a keen ability to achieve whatever she puts her mind to regardless of adversity.

Knight of Swords: Ryan ~ Nephew Description: This Knight with sword poised charges towards his goal. He is the personification of the wind and expresses the power of thought in action. He rushes into the unknown without fear. Postcards and correspondence fill the background; he enjoys traveling to distant lands and sharing his experiences. He savors the exhilaration of rock climbing and exploring the unknown. He has an adventurous, courageous spirit. Meanings: The Knight of Swords has an eccentric mind and is sharp and quick to learn. He questions authority and enjoys playing Devil's advocate. If there's anything this Knight will fight for, it is freedom of information and speech. He has an attractive, magnetic personality, which attracts others to him but he often seems to have no real need of them. If he is drawn to writing, politics or the arts, it is often in a manner to shake people from their secure notions about things. He works well with children, musicians, artists and those that have an unbridled sense of self.

Queen of Swords: Kristy ~ Sister-in-Law Description: The Queen of Swords wears an eagle headdress. She is a keen observer with a sharp eye for detail. She can interpret reality from a bird’s eye perspective. She has a medical bag with a nursing textbook beside her. She is adept in the medical profession and in instructing others. She holds a sword in the upright position; she is analytical, perceptive and fair minded. She's courageous, strong willed and wants to cut through to what is real. Meanings: The Queen of Swords is academic, analytical and articulate. She is independent and individualistic, respecting those qualities in others. She gives great attention to accuracy and detail. She absorbs information and is able to relate it back succinctly, directly and simply so that others can understand and make use of it. She is a proficient instructor. Her strength of character and endurance has enabled her to think deeply and perceive more clearly the world around her. She aspires to pierce through illusion to reveal the hidden truth. Family and friends and a sense of community are important to her and she is not averse to personal sacrifice for a greater reward.

King of Swords: Father Description: The King of Swords holds an upright sword in one hand and a wrench in the other. He is a great leader of men with a practical, organized approach. He is in pursuit of justice and truth. He wears the Marine Corp cap and the golden emblem on his vest. He has strength of character and takes great pride in his profession. He has law and books of war beside his throne. He is a literary man, with a deep reverence for history, law, strategy and politics. Behind him is a map of Italy; the motherland, though he has traveled the globe and experienced many diverse cultures during his career. Home and family are important to him and this too is run in an efficient, practical, decisive and strictly structured environment. Meanings: The King of Swords has a love of law, truth and justice. He is a warrior and would willingly lay down his life for country and what he holds sacred. A person of inner strength and conviction. A communicator, conveying ideas rather than emotions. He is deeply committed to ideals, traditions, values, work or organization. The King of Swords is a natural (military) leader who upholds the patriarchal hierarchy. He judges harshly but fairly and is feared but respected. He is the strong, silent type; objective, impartial, solitary and independent. His kingdom is in the realm of high ideals. He is analytical, continuously playing chess in his mind; seeing the cause and effect of decisions and options. He has a commanding personality. He is a gentleman of eloquence, who appreciates debate on politics or philosophy but it does not steer him from his own strong beliefs or personal code of ethics.

The Coins: Ruled by Earth; are associated with Earth - security, money, the home, handmade crafts, harvest, and the 5 senses. Virtues: Knowledge, ability, endurance, stability. The Coins are feminine energy. They are associated with traditions, foundations and whatever 'grounds' us. Coins are about our sense of self worth and our values and practical side. They are the Sensate type and are oriented to the present time.

Princess of Coins: Karla ~ Sister-in-Law Description: The Princess of Coins stands near a bed of flowers with her home and faithful friend in the background. A connection to nature and a tranquil home life sustain her. A sense of security and relaxed comfort allows her to accomplish her work efficiently. She has a natural green thumb and a background in horticulture. A great love of animals and being surrounded by nature rejuvenates her spirits. She holds a large coin in her right hand. She has a practical, sensible approach to life and its challenges. She wears a green cap symbolizing nature and health. This denotes her connection to the nursing profession and her aid to those seeking care and nurturance. Meanings: A warm, kind hearted woman in tune with nature and proficient in the healing arts. She aspires towards new ideas and higher learning. She is adventurous and open minded. Grounded in reality she takes a cautious, sensible approach when confronted with adversity. The comforts of home and family are important but she is equally in her element out in nature and traveling the world.

Knight of Coins: Taro ~ Older son Description: The Knight of Coins is seated on a horse but his real passion is for biking which can also be seen in the image. The Coin symbol is represented as a record for his love of eclectic styles of music. The Monty Python killer rabbit denotes his quirky humor and a passion for independent films, literature and un-conformist thinking; all while he himself remains sensible and grounded in reality. Meanings: He has his own organization system for everything. He strives for perfection and earning a place of respect in his chosen field. He is adept at sports and challenges himself to be at his best. He is a man who straddles two cultures in his professional and family life and is open minded and respectful of individual rights and diverse thought, though nothing sways him from his strong sense of self and personal code of ethics. Though he is social; friends and family playing an important role in his life, he also needs to have his own room or personal space. He values and protects things of aesthetic beauty and is good with money. He is a loyal, dependable friend and employee if treated fairly. This Knight is a trustworthy, determined, realistic builder of new, solid worlds. A capable, reliable manager of projects and of other people. He is goal oriented, methodical and patient. He has the ability to see most any task to its end. Steady progress leads the way.

Queen of Coins: Mother Description: The Queen sits on her throne in a flower field. She has an orchid in her hair beneath her royal crown. She is at home in nature and in the beautiful palace she has created for herself, her family and the friends who come to call. The Queen holds a large coin in her hand. She has gained wealth through hard work and practical measures and appreciates the good things in life that money and careful investment have afforded her. Meanings: This is a practical, down-to-earth Queen. An enthusiastic outdoors woman, who encourages friends and family to commune with nature and holds membership with and leads nature clubs. Her home is impeccably decorated with paintings, furniture, and treasured trinkets. Her garden is also beautifully maintained. Tasteful is the perfect word for her; likewise in her dress, jewelry and presentation. Nothing less than giving her all to family and friends will do for the Queen of Coins and she cooks like a gourmet chef and presents meals with a creative flourish. She has directed ambition and enjoys a sense of control. She loves to travel and explores new locales with gusto. She is a trustworthy and loyal friend to many and is open minded and engaging. She is both generous and frugal and has the Midas touch with regards to money and investments. She trusts her instincts and they usually pay off.

King of Coins: Tony ~ Brother Description: The King sits on a throne while holding a large coin in one hand and a scale with a stack of gold coins in the other. This represents his Libra nature and his penchant for carefully weighing each decision. The snail confirms this slow, cautious pace. The King of Coins is grounded in reality with a practical vision of the future. His vest buttons are stamped 10.10.10., depicting this, his lucky birthday year of October 10th, '10. The house on wheels speaks to the suit of Coins but also this King's tendency to frequently reconsider his life choices; wondering if he wouldn't be happier at another job, in a different locale. Luckily his existential angst is balanced with a witty sense of humor and a realistic approach to life and its uncertainties. Despite an undercurrent of apprehension, he makes sensible, calculated decisions that pan out in the end. Meanings: A man who is detail oriented yet easy going and relaxed. He is practical and clever, though cautious in business dealings. This King earns his status through hard work and patient effort. He is frugal but fair minded and doesn't like being beholden to anyone. He tends to suspend judgment of others and is fair and balanced in his assessments. He is a solid, steady, reliable mate, while also being adventurous and fun. His calm, grounded nature puts others at ease and feeling acknowledged and understood. He has a knack for getting along with most anyone. He gains great solace from communing with nature. He can be charming and funny, telling amusing tales in a self-depreciating manner at the dinner table.

XXI The World: Hayley ~ Grandniece Description: The World card depicts a beautiful young dancer within a wreath made of laurel leaves. This symbolizes celebration and renewal. She carries a baton which represents collaboration and victory over obstacles. All potential and possibility is before her. The Lion, Bull, Angel and Eagle stand for Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio, the fixed signs of the Zodiac. These are symbolic of the four elements, four compass points and the four corners of the universe. The World card represents the state of enlightenment, the mystical goal of humanity. Meanings: The World card indicates travel; long, fantastic trips of adventure. This is a wonderful card of wholeness, gratification and happiness. A time of harmony and celebration. A sense of accomplishment, success and worldly gain, synthesis, wholeness, completion and fulfillment. One that is on a path of enlightenment and individuation. Feeling in tune with nature and expressive in the creative arts.

© August 2010