Pholarchos Tarot by Carmen Sorrenti

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  • Pholarchos has really taken our whole house by storm. I am a tarot scholar who wrote a thesis on tarot hermeneutics and this is definitely one of the most amazing decks I have seen of the 100+ I’ve collected or else witnessed in person.
    ~ Director of the Maine Jung Center Cybele Brandow

  • Beautiful unboxing of Pholarchos Tarot by Mary-Grace Fahrun of Rue's Kitchen

  • A deeply moving look at Pholarchos Tarot from Simon of The Hermit’s Cave

  • Beautiful, intimate sharing of Pholarchos Tarot from Emily's Tarot Magick

  • Detailed walk-thru of Pholarchos Tarot, shared in two videos: Major Arcana: and Minors & Royals: presented by Sanskrit Blue

  • Wonderful unboxing of Pholarchos Tarot in French - En Français by Angel Thaena - The Shamanic Witch

  • This meaningful examination of Pholarchos Tarot by Tom Benjamin shares the full deck along with insightful observations & LWB passages.

  • An in-depth interview by Diane Wilkes with Carmen Sorrenti published in Cartomancer magazine

  • The Pholarchos Tarot is one of the most exciting, and profound, new decks I have seen in years. The art varies in style, with certain strands running through distinct parts of the deck, but is always evocative, even thrilling as it draws us deeper into its mysteries, The book, too, while small, invites us into the "imaginal" wonders of the cards, and yet can give clear directions when we apply them to a person's life. I used this deck to create a kind of magic healing talisman for a friend facing a medical crisis, and the three cards I pulled spoke directly to the idea of rootedness and alchemical healing. I look forward to exploring this stunning deck over months and years to come.
    ~ Tarot artist & author, Rachel Pollack, of 78 Degrees of Wisdom

  • Review by Tarot artist & writer, Eric K. Lerner, of Radiant Spleen Tarot

  • Review by Tarot author, Alison Cross, Queen of well-traveled Blog: Tarot Thrones
    who also shares a cool slideshow with the Court Cards

  • Review by Tarot author, Diane Wilkes, of Tarot Passages & Northeastern Tarot Conclave

  • Review by Tarot author, mentor, Juliet Sharman-Burke of The Complete Book of Tarot

  • Review by Tero Hynynen, teacher, writer & creator of The Arcanum, Tarot & Art Therapy

  • Review by Amanda Bell, Witch, Reader, Teacher

  • Review by Tarot artist & author, Leslie Hinich Cochran of Dreamythology Tarot

  • Review by Kim Teodori, teacher, author & creator of Yogic Tarot

  • Review by Bonnie Cehovet, Tarot reader and author

  • Review by Cathy Violet, Seasoned Tarot reader

  • Review by Tarot deck creator, & lifelong photographer, Esmerlize

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