Pholarchos Tarot by Carmen Sorrenti

Thoughtful Feedback & Kindly Kudos from a Few Customers...

  • I found a nice contemporary approach that is sensitive to a much needed diversity. I also enjoy the witchy feel, as well as the symbols. I find myself little by little hunting for them. I especially like the colors and the sensuous nature that both the colors and the figures bring out. (I love the Empress). I plan on developing a relationship with these cards and I don't know where they will take me. I feel that there is something behind them that I must find...
    ~ Tarot author, Kevin Quiles, MDiv, MA, LPC

  • The Pholarchos Tarot by Carmen Sorrenti arrived yesterday... I find that it reads in a unique way, with the B&W cards acting like points on a railway. The Trails (Knights) switch the points, the Dreamers (Pages) dream, and the full faced Tens look at what is. Suits of Spirals ( Coins), Wings (Swords), Sparks (Wands), and Corals (Cups).
    ~ Tarot author, Caitlín Matthews UK - Posted: FB Tarot Association of the British Isles

  • The Pholarchos Tarot is one of the most exciting, and profound, new decks I have seen in years. The art varies in style, with certain strands running through distinct parts of the deck, but is always evocative, even thrilling as it draws us deeper into its mysteries, The book, too, while small, invites us into the "imaginal" wonders of the cards, and yet can give clear directions when we apply them to a person's life. I used this deck to create a kind of magic healing talisman for a friend facing a medical crisis, and the three cards I pulled spoke directly to the idea of rootedness and alchemical healing. I look forward to exploring this stunning deck over months and years to come.
    ~ Tarot artist & author, Rachel Pollack, of 78 Degrees of Wisdom

  • I feel so grateful and blessed that this deck came to me… I’ve had an unrequited love affair with it from afar from quite some time. In person it is everything I dreamed it would be and more. I have an instant connection and it has already delivered a great reading. The cardstock is so beautiful to shuffle, I would almost say satiny. It’s love. How is it possible for a deck to be so beautiful and sweet, nurturing and yet visceral and triggering at the same time? It touches me in a deep way I cannot really describe. I don’t have a ‘soul deck’ as such but this deck has touched me on a soul level already. I will be working with it more and doing a review.
    ~ Pandoralecora - on Instagram

  • As I shuffled the cards I became hyper-aware of the colors and symbology of this incredible deck. Everything spoke to me… I highly recommend this mysterious Pholarchos Tarot to those on their own journeys who are seeking to move forward in unlocking their passions and life potentials.
    ~ Sue Silva, Seasoned Reader & Tarot Teacher, CA

  • I received my lovely Pholarchos Tarot, I really don't have the words to express how much this deck speaks to my heart and spirit. It is simply perfect, honest and balanced. The Pholarchos feels like a wise close friend.
    ~ PL.G., MI

  • This is such an exquisite work. It deserves to be known.
    ~ J. Canada - Posted on Tarot Collector's Forum

  • Deck arrived yesterday. Incredibly powerful - gave me chills looking through it . Over 15 years ago I took a workshop where we made plaster molds of our faces then decorated them. The High Priestess card has elements of my mask. So now the card you sent me is framed and on the wall next to the mask. Thanks so much for all the beauty and inspiration.
    ~ S.E.S., CA

  • WOW! I am speechless! What a stunning deck. Truly took my breath away. Thank you for bringing this to us and please tell Carmen she has created a masterpiece!!
    ~ Bev, SC

  • Thank you for your beautiful creation which is being homed in celestial environments with people who can appreciate its depth and magic. And again to Arnell for your incredible care and attention and ARTfullness in making this collaboration and publication come to pass. -
    ~ RM, France

  • The tarot deck arrived today. Oh my!!! It's unlike any other deck I have and seems to vibrate with energy. I'm looking forward to getting to know it, and it getting to know me. I heard about it from Robert Moss on FB and suspected this might be the case. Thank you for listening to the gods and goddesses.
    ~ E.A. WV

  • It is truly beautiful. I especially love her treatment of the pips, with their almost casual visual and verbal annotations, putting each pip card in dialogue with itself. It creates a sense of dynamism and (literal) vitality that is heightened by Carmen's powerful use of colours, which also seem to be in dialogue with one another—the colours, I mean. Drawn especially to the Wings and Coral suits, it seems. And not to ignore the "little things", I really like that each side of the box has different "thumbnail" cards. Somebody else would have chosen a single card (if any) to repeat. I like the "carousel" of different ones. This deck is a class act from top to bottom and every other direction. It is, quite simply, beautiful.
    ~ J.B., Canada

  • The Pholarchos Tarot deck arrived TODAY!!!!! OMG......I am so in LOVE with this deck!!! It is splendid! Thank you for the little gifts! I love how the suits have been changed, I love the colors, the ART, the guidebook!!! I could go on forever! This deck does not disappoint! And I am hanging onto my Raffle ticket too! Even though I feel I have won a wonderful prize already....the Pholarchos deck itself!!! Carmen did such a magnificent job with this deck....I will treasure it always!
    ~ V.R., IN

  • I am absolutely in love with my cards! My clients love them too- we are going so deep and finding riches working with these gorgeously potent images- you are a Master!
    ~ Linda M. CA

  • Stunning, really high quality production. Great card stock. Amazing deck, wasn't sure it would be much of a reading deck, but it has a lot to say!
    ~ Emily V. CA

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