Art for Creation's Sake

This page is dedicated to the art therapy process. These examples were made to honor either a Tarot deck or theme.

The Mary-el Tarot Box

My enthusiasm for this powerful and provocative deck by Marie White called the Mary-el Tarot is so great that I felt compelled to make a box especially to honor it.

Mary-Lbox.jpg (43812 bytes) Mary-el-box-open2.jpg (21068 bytes)

A Fool & Her Friends Tarot Box

I was greatly inspired by Tarot artist Sally Anne Stephen and wanted to create boxes that honor her and her deck as well. This is dedicated to A Fool and Her Friends

XIII Skull: Life is a Beach...and then you die

The front is a dreamy beach scene made of tiny collaged paper. The teeth are painted with a pearl enamel polish. The back of the skull is painstakingly covered in soft colored beach glass. In between the beach glass are thousands of tiny turquoise blue and gold beads that represent the ocean surf splashing over it all.

Arnell Ando