Affirmations are positive statements which, when said to yourself over and over again, can help recreate your reality. It helps when you listen to the affirmations, to imagine or feel them as true. It gives them more power to change your life. Feel free to choose some from the following list and/or add or alter them to suit your needs. If you want to tape yourself saying the affirmations, accompanied by inspirational music, it makes for a nice 'time out' or gentle companion during a meditative exercise program; such as Yoga. The following affirmations were gathered from various sources and are my personal favorites.

I am free, my life is my own
I give freedom to everyone I know
I release my past by loving who I was
I honor my deepest truths with my words, actions and behavior
I am transcending all limitations; I live in a limitless world
I value myself; I make wise use of my life and my time
I think about what is right and working in my life
I love and accept myself just as I am
Treating myself gently makes me stronger
I pay attention to how I feel; I honor my feelings
All of my feelings are a part of me, and I accept all of them
I let my creativity flow freely through me and out into the world
I trust the impressions I receive when I tune into people and events
I am flexible and open to new ideas
I have the right to choose who I am around
I have the right to change my mind
My life, time, thoughts and energy are a priority
I know when to give and when to receive
I believe in myself
I give myself quiet time alone
I give myself all that I need
I back up my feelings with my words and actions
I know what is important in my life, and I focus upon it
I forgive myself
I forgive everyone in my life
I love and accept who I am
I have the ability to look inward to find answers
I do not need others to act in a certain way; to be happy myself
I tell myself often what a good job I'm doing
I'm doing all that I can, my efforts are enough
I always communicate clearly and effectively
I now release my past. It is complete and I am free
I am the creator of my life
It's okay for me to have everything I want
I am tolerant of other people's reality
It is easy for me to focus and concentrate
I am aware if the energy around me is charging or draining me, and I trust my feelings and impressions
I am aware of what charges and revitalizes me, and I am attracting more of this into my life
I monitor myself when I am with others; I am aware of their reality and I stay centered in my own calm, clear energy
I support other people's success and other people support my success
I act with integrity, I am true to my thoughts, feelings and goals
I listen to my inner feelings, I trust and act upon them
Whatever I am doing, I am doing because I want to do it
Wherever I am I am there because I want to be

Arnell Ando