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Miniature Occult Shops

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Always searching for ways to express her passion for Tarot, Arnell has been custom making miniature occult shops since 1998. These adorable esoteric boutiques are constructed from wood with a Plexiglas ceiling, front windows and door. They are about as long as a shoebox and twice as tall (13 inches high, 15 in. wide and 11 inches deep).

Diane's Shop

Interested collectors can commission a shop with a few color themes and choose a (short) shoppe name. It comes equipped with shelves stocked with Tarot books, decks, crystal balls, candles, herbs & potions, Ouija boards and other metaphysical merch. There are comfy chairs and a Tarot reading table with Celtic cross spread, + candle and crystal ball for added ambiance. And of course a sales counter with cash register & phone. It takes at least 8 full weeks to hand make a shop so if you are placing an order please let Arnell know first (to schedule) & any specifics you request by e-mail. She'll let you know when to expect your shop.

The price is a reasonable $780. + P&H ($65. UPS - Insured within U.S.) Sorry, unable to ship outside U.S. Each shop is signed and is a one of a kind collectable. We accept Money Orders and Checks in US Dollars. To Order or Inquire, Please e-mail Arnell You can send funds to the PayPal account:

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interior before front is on Bonnie's shop interior
Arnell's own shop Issie's shop
Blue Moon Shop Charlotte's Italy inspired shop
Sue's Shop with Vegas touch Bonnie's Shop
Michele's Shop Colorful Comic Book Shop
Connie's Elegant Green Shop Bonnie's Shop with heart-shaped bench and sign

This is an artistic interpretation of Osvaldo Menegazzi's original Tarot shop in Milan, Italy

Inspired by O. Menegazzi's Shop 'Il Meneghello' in Milan

Arnell Ando